Some products may not be with us but ordered from suppliers and if not in stock with suppliers then we will email you and list replacement options.


Placing an immediate payment to our bank account will lower waiting time of a product since we only begin the preparation of your product after clearance. Not all PCs will run at estimated performance.



You as the user agrees to hold Evack and its employees safe from and against all liabilities, legal fees, damages, losses, and other expenses out of any claims brought against Evack as a result of your non-compliance of these Terms and Conditions or other liabilities arising out of your use of this Website. Warranty on most of our products have up to 2 years but some of our CPUs and GPUs are second hand (we do state next to parts list when viewing a pc if it is) and may not include warranty. We still recommend these parts since all our second hand parts are of good quality and never tend to have issues.


All high end desktops have a full 2 year warranty.


Limted edition pcs

Our PCs take 2-3 weeks on average to arrive at the customers address after payment has reflected but may take longer if any delays are to occur. Evack will make sure to notify the client of any delay and try replace the product for something similar. 


In the event that a limited edition pc has been bought please note that there is no guaranteed warranty as none is stated on the pc however we do offer repairs to the limited edition pcs if a problem occurs within the time of 1 month of having the pc. The company will not be liable in any way if the pc is:

1. Tested and has no problems whatsoever

2. The pc is broken already by the owner upon arrival By having these rules in both our discord and policies, you will be accepting these polices and legally making us not liable.


Once any computer has been bought and the building process has started and the client would like to cancel the order, there will be a 10% charge on the original price of the computer. Once the desktop has been completed and there has been a cancellation request made, there will unfortunately be a 15% charge on original price due to the need of the company selling the desktop again after completion.

Privacy and Returns 

Privacy - We promise not to give your information to 3rd parties and we only use your information to improve your shopping experience as well as improve our website.


Returns Once a product is purchased and the buyer is not satisfied or parts for the pc have been ordered, they can send the product back within 7 days but the product must remain unopened or else Evack will not be liable to process a full refund. The product must still be in a good condition to sell to other buyers and return to us before refunds are given. Refunds will not be granted if the customer changes his/her mind once they have the PC.



Terms of use 

Terms of use By using our Website you are fully accepting the terms and If you do not accept these Terms and Conditions we recommend you not to use our website. Once order is made -Once you have placed an order, we will email you back and notify you if all parts are in stock and send you payment details and delivery cost.

Windows All our PCs come with Windows 10 home inactivated edition which means that the pc has windows and can function but you cannot personalise the pc (but is still possible through YouTube tutorials). We use this version so unlike other stores, you do not have to spend R2600 for windows and thus saves the buyers money. We only charge R100 for windows activation key if a buyer really wants the “full” version of windows. We highly recommend using this if you’re primarily using the desktop for gaming.


Cancellation fees on pcs after 3 days will result in a small fee in order to resell the products. 

Payment Methods

- Credit / Debit Cards

- Offline Payments